So, after several hours of believing in this questionable "snapshot" of what would come in Minecraft 2.0, I feel like a dope. It's the kind of feeling that you might expect after finding the word gullible in the dictionary. Good job Mojang, you really pulled a great April Fool's prank this year.

I first came across the "changes" via Paul Soares Jr., a popular YouTuber known for his minecraft videos. He did a good job introducing me to the odd changes without showing me features that would put me in disbelief.
I should've realized that it was spelled wrong.

Then, I popped over to Guude's video on it, which was much longer and showed me the very... questionable features. It was then that I realized that it was April 1st, and that this was all a big joke. What's impressive is that Mojang orchestrated it so well and got popular YouTubers in the Minecraft community to pull it off. They know that YouTube is the biggest place for showing off the game, and that we would likely trust the big names such as Paul and Vechs.
However, to make the joke work, there was a good mixture of very believable changes that would really enhance the game's features. Among the questionable changes, silly things added to the game felt like the same brand of humor coming from a game where you put saddles on pigs and ride them. Of course, as I learned more about the changes, I began to find ones that I really disliked, even though the YouTubers were praising them for "being the original vision of Notch."
So here's an organized list of the changes as I've seen them: green light, yellow light, and red light.

Green Light
  • A new “Horse” animal.
When I first saw the horse-pigs, I honestly thought that they were beta-horses. I figured that Mojang might decide to include horses in specific biomes and make them somewhat rare in comparison to pigs. Ideally, they'd be faster than pigs and be able to control without a carrot on a stick.

  • New blocks, including compacted versions of lapis, redstone, and coal, and decorative blocks such as hay bales, slime blocks, and mud.
In fact, I know that the lapis and redstone blocks have shown up in earlier snapshots for 1.6, so those are probably going to go into the next update. It wouldn't surprise me if you could craft a haybale block with a 3x3 arrangement of wheat. I could see it having a use as a cushion for falls. Slime blocks could also impede motion.

  • Dyed glass
Now this wouldn't be hard for me to see in the next update either. It would allow for some really creative glass work in buildings. I can see Minecraft churches with stained glass windows

Yellow Light

  • New Redstone Bug monster.
Redstone circuits has been used to make so many different things, and I should've realized that there would be a big problem with these critters. Having a clock would be a disaster with these things spawning every so often, not to mention how the noise they make would interfere with the compositions made with wired up noteblocks.

  • Heat needs to be regulated in furnaces or they will blow up.
Now this is a neat feature that I wouldn't put pass Mojang to add, but the increase in difficulty would drastically change the way furnaces are used in the game. Set and forget forging would be a thing of the past and the new hoppers they added in 1.5 would be less useful as way to keep furnaces fueled.

  • Chickens may attack the player.
This was an interesting addition that just felt like that Mojang brand of humor. But, the chickens are overpowered and can kill a player in less than a minute. I probably could've put this in the red light section, but it's mild compared to the more questionable changes.

  • Sheep that are fed golden apples will float indefinitely.
Another change that felt like Mojang humor with some fun griefing opportunities. Probably could've been an easter egg, as who in their right mind would waste a golden apple on a sheep anyway?

  • Overfeeding animals may have explosive results.
Again, more humor with the animals. Just like the sheep, who would waste carrots on stretching a pig's stomach? Feed is usually only given one at a time to induce breeding.

Red Light

  • Torches will need to be relit every so often.
Oh boy, was I steamed when I saw this new feature before realizing it was a joke. "Are you kidding me? I'm going to have to carry flint and steel with me every time I go into a cave?" Granted, it does add a new level of difficulty when exiting a cave, but it was my first hint that all was not well with this update.

  • Difficulty setting is now per-world and may never be changed once set.
This was also a red flag that made me question things. Why not simply make it so you choose to have a generated world fixed on a certain difficulty?

  • Zombie Pigmen now spawn with battlesigns and no longer use swords.
Battlesigns have never been in vanilla minecraft, but they have been featured in "Superhostile" maps created by Vechs. These things can be overpowered as signs don't have a condition bar that degrades over time.

  • Players may no longer attack other players directly, but must recruit an army of Monsters and Animals.
This would mean a complete overhaul of the PvP fighting in multiplayer, and with an established community of players that like to have survival games, this wouldn't be good.

  • Anything involving fish.
Oh my, when I went to read the changes after seeing the above, I knew for certain that this was a joke. The magic spell that would turn items into fish. The addition of new species of fish, followed by the removal of fishing from the game. The hoppers that would be turned into floppers, which would be the new way to obtain fish. And the biggest kicker, that fish in your inventory would make you lose one heart every second.

What changes in "Minecraft 2.0" would you like to see implemented into the game?


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